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On Saturday, August 12th, Camp for Peace Liberia joined the rest of the world to celebrate international youth day.  This year’s celebration was held under the global theme:  “Youth Building Peace”, but we as organization and considering the issues of elections in our country, we chose the theme:  “Youth Building Peace towards violence free Elections in Liberia” as a local theme.

Appearing on state radio on Friday, the youth of Camp for Peace Liberia urged their fellow young people to remain20729395_1831987920449716_1935751830933421895_n tolerance and peace during this electioneering period.  They also urged government and policy makers to consider youth as peace makers rather than always labeling them as trouble makers.  They also used the opportunity to urge Government and policy makers to integrate the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in all facets of the social economic development of Liberia.  They believe that if young people are provided the platform to serve as agents of peace, Liberia promises to be a better nation.  They called on various young groups across the country to organized programs in their communities in commemoration of the day.

Also speaking on another national radio station, Truth FM and Television, the Executive Director of Camp for Peace Liberia, Mr. B. Abel Learwellie, challenged government to double their effort in providing the necessary thumb_IMG_1557_1024 - Copyopportunities for young people to be empowered.   Mr. Learwellie acknowledged that until the youth of this country are empowered and given the requisite tools and education to explore and develop their skills and talents, Liberia will continue  in transition and emergency.  He also used the occasion to encourage Liberian youths to remain tolerance for a peaceful elections.  Mr. Learwellie said the world is watching us; and investors will only get convinced to invest in Liberia’s economy if Liberia prove to the world that security and peace are guaranteed.  He also quoted that the United Nations goal is that no youth is left behind by 2030, adding that collective effort will make the difference in realizing this goal for the betterment of youth


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