Camp for Peace Liberia launches 2017 Annual ReportPosted on February 27, 2018 by


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Camp for Peace Liberia today launched its 2017 Annual and Program Performance Report. The report describes Camp for Peace’s accomplishments for the year, highlighting successes and detailing performance against targets.

In a special remark, Mr. B. Abel Learwellie, Executive Director of Camp for Peace stressed the far-reaching impact of peace education and youth empowerment in post conflict Liberia as key to nation development.  He said Camp for Peace wouldn’t have fulfilled its mission without a secure, sustainable funding to provide the financial resources they needed to do their work. He said his organization made great efforts in 2017 to access alternative sources of funding, and intends to launch new fundraising initiatives to secure long-term support for the work they do.

He used the occasion to express deepest appreciation to the following organizations and individuals for their moral and financial support during the period under review:  The Steel Workers Humanity Fund of Canada, Healing Exchange Project led by Lois Kunkel and Agnes Struik and John Kunkel.  Others are the United National Alliance of Civilization through its Youth Solidarity Funds, Center for Sacred Studies, Ann Beckett, Sam Beckett, Global Giving, Rumie Initiative, the New York Metropolitan Synod of the ELCA.  He also extended thanks to the Quaker United Nations Office, Paul Connor, Linda Grier Pulliam, John Backe, Marilyn and Timothy Satterfield, Jeanne and Bob, Owens of the Clinton’s Foundation, Anika J. Michael and Mr. Sabastian Osoria, Firestone Agricultural Workers Union and the Ministry of Education.  He also acknowledged the tremendous efforts of the staff of CfP Liberia in making this annual report a success. He also extended special thanks to the many peace ambassadors and volunteers across the country. He said the support and mentorship from these organizations and individuals helped CfP-Liberia to continue their service to the Liberian people.


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