Camp for Peace Liberia Executive Director participates in a discussion on the Role of Young People in Preventing Conflict.

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Camp for Peace Liberia launched its 9th vocational training program and 3rd agriculture cohort, which enrolled 30 youths (males and females) from different parts of the country. The 2020 vocational program will run for 11 months and will emphasize various aspects of agriculture training, strategies, and skills development. The program was launched with a strong message for young people to embrace agriculture as one of the last potential opportunities for Liberians to improve their social and economic development.Speaking during the orientation on Tuesday, Mr. B. Abel Learwellie, Executive Director, strongly stressed the importance of reforming Liberia development patterns. Mr. Liberia emphasized that vocational programs for both educated and uneducated youths will have a fast-tracking impact on Liberia’s social-economic and sustainable development. He, therefore, admonished the participants to take their training seriously, stressing that only Liberians can develop Liberia. On a separate note, Mr. Learwellie outlined the different training components. He said the 2020 training would include animal husbandry encompassing pig production, goat raising, poultry, fish ponds, cows, etc. He named other areas of the program to add rice and vegetable production, palm nursery and management, cocoa nursery, etc. Mr. Learwellie emphasized the raising of these animals and the production of crops and vegetables will surely boost food security in Liberia and enhances the Liberian economy from a state of dependency to a state of sustainability.  Follow the story below to read more!!Read more

Camp for Peace aims to promote transformation, empowernment and sustainability in Liberia