Today, February 28, Camp for Peace Liberia concluded a three-day orientation for 35 students enrolled in the Farmer Field School Program at the Farmer Resource Center in Salayea, Lofa County.

According to the calendar of the event released earlier this morning, the program will runs from March 1 – November 30, 2018.  The program is designed to provide exclusive general agriculture training in Livestock production, Crop production, agricultural economics, and agricultural engineering.  Also, the school will offer leadership development, business entrepreneurship, conflict solution, peacebuilding, etc.  The program is also designed to provide 30% theoretical and 70% practical.  It is anticipated that students benefiting from this program will use the skills and knowledge to establish agriculture production to boost the agro-industry and enhance food security in Liberia.

Speaking at the occasion, the Program Officer, Mr. Clarence Zowah disclosed Camp for Peace Liberia support package for the students as they embark on this expedition through nine months. He said each student of the program would receive a month allowances of $4,000.00 Liberian along with a starter package of 2,000.00 Liberian dollars each for their upkeep in Salayea.  The reason for this allowance is to provide support for the students as they focus on their lesson, Mr. Zowah explained.  He also disclosed that every student graduating from the program would have an entitlement to Camp for Peace post-training employment opportunity or they will be supported through a personal project initiative.  He said there are currently two post-training projects supported by Camp for Peace Liberia, the Cassava processing plant in Zorzor and the newly established program in Salayea.   For more on this story, please check below. Read more

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