On Saturday, July 13, 2018, Camp for Peace Liberia, a youth-focused non-governmental organization launched the Farmer Field School in Salayea, Lofa Country. The Farmer Field School is a youth community-driven approach to agricultural training and education which enable young people to find sustainable solutions to complex challenges of food and security in the country.  About 18 students are enrolled in the FFS.  They will meet regularly to identify common problems and work jointly to develop solutions for agricultural production in that part of the country.  This innovative approach will allow young people and other farmers to find locally-adapted solutions to specific problems, such as crop diseases, climate change impacts, soil, land and water management, or disaster risk reduction. The Farmer Field will also help to promote social cohesion and community empowerment among youths of the district.  For more on this story, please check below. Read more

Camp for Peace aims to promote transformation, empowernment and sustainability in Liberia