Camp for Peace Liberia (CFP) offers youth the following programs:

War Affected Youth Rehabilitation Program

This program targets former child soldiers and ex-combatants who require re-integration into peaceful society but experience exclusion as a result of their having being forced to participate in conflict. The goal is to be rehabilitated to full economic and social participation, transforming them from an ongoing challenge into becoming a considerable asset to their communities.

Active Non-violence and Peace Education Program

This program promotes the culture of peace and non-violence in schools and communities. Under this program, youths are trained as peer mediators and teachers trained as counselors in active non-violence, conflict resolution and transformation.

Education Investment Program for Street children and vulnerable youth

This project seeks to increase children’s access to education and psychosocial support particularly the disadvantaged- those who lack parents and those whose parents have no means of support to educate them. We provide a space for them to meet and share their war experiences, generate specific suggestions/recommendations for the prevention of violent conflict and provide them with basic life skills (communication and negotiation skills), child rights protection including HIV/AIDS, child labor and sexual exploitation. We afford them the opportunity to socialize and play as a means of rehabilitating and reintegrating them in their communities.

Empowering youth through micro-finance

This program gives young people access to financial services and training to holistically build their capital and pool saving that can be converted into small loans for business. With training and support, they become important resources and change agents for youth-centered economic and social justice by increasing access to education and microfinance, enabling them to realize their potential and lift themselves out of poverty. This program also provides young females with materials and expertise that could help them to generate sustainable income through projects.

HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness Program

The objective of this project is to increase awareness and provide services on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HIV/AIDS amongst young people thus reducing the incidence of STIs including HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. The program is also designed to provide information, education and services to young people. A multi-facted approach including mobilization, training and sensitization are used to achieve the objective. This is done through mobilizing youth, conducting workshops/meetings to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and its prevention, training of women and youth educators in various communities on counseling for responsible sexual behavior who will in turn educate their peers. Young female youth are exclusively trained and sensitized to educate peer-groups in various communities.

Peace Camp Program (PCP)

This program organizes and hosts peace camps for young people of all ages irrespective of their social, political and religious backgrounds. These camps will help them play an active role in conflict transformation through training seminars and workshops, focused on understanding and enhancing the roles of young people in peace-building and conflict transformation. It also leads cooperative action projects to engage youth and benefit their communities.

Human Rights, Democracy and Governance Program

This program aims to enhance the capacity of young people and youth networks to influence governance and democratic processes at local and national levels through strong and active participation. It empowers young people within the framework of participatory democracy and creates a space for their voices to be heard without domination. We work to promote justice for children, women and marginalized youth who are among the most vulnerable in Liberia.