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On Friday, November 5, 2021, Camp for Peace Liberia graduated 20 young men and women from its 9th vocational and 4th agriculture training program in Salayea, Lofa, Liberia. The program, which started in February 2021, is supported by the United Steel Workers of Canada and several sponsors.
Speaking at the occasion, the Executive Director of Camp for Peace Liberia gave an overview of the training, which started as far back as 2013. He said this program has trained over 525 youths with skills in various disciplines. He attributed the efforts of these youths in contributing to Liberia’s social, economic development.  Mr. Learwwellie also outlined the different training components, including animal husbandry encompassing pig production, goat raising, poultry, fish ponds, cows, etc. He named other program areas to add rice and vegetable production, palm nursery and management, cocoa nursery, etc.
Graduates in a joyous mood!

Mr. Learwellie emphasized that raising these animals and producing crops and vegetables will surely boost food security in Liberia and enhance the Liberian economy from a state of dependency to a state of sustainability.

For his part, the guest speaker, Mr. Albert Kennedy, who spoke through a proxy, encouraged the students to put their skills to use. He stressed the importance of education as the bedrock for any nation. Extending congratulations and gratitude to the students, he challenged them to turn their skills into tangible deliverables to boost Liberia’s food security.

Graduates posed for picture after the graduation

Hon. Benjamine Gorlema, the commissioner of Salayea District, also expressed the most profound gratitude to the students for the resilience exhibited during the ten-month training. He used the occasion to express his appreciation to the Camp for Peace Management, partners, sponsors, and staff for the excellent work.

B. Abel Learwellie, Executive Director

Camp for Peace aims to promote transformation, empowernment and sustainability in Liberia