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Camp  for Peace Liberia ceremoniously broke ground Saturday in Zorzor, Lofa County for the construction of a five room guest house.  The ground breaking ceremony was attended by several community leaders to mark the occasion.

The Executive Director of Camp for Peace Liberia, Mr. B. Abel Learwellie, described the success of IMG_20170515_111244CFP over the last few months as evidence of innovation and focus on what they want to do with the talents and skills they possess. According to him, the guest house project is the organization way of establishing sustainability plan for the community youth who have acquired skills and needed to remain engaged even if their sponsors pull out.  He recorded that in November 2016, CFP launched a micro loan scheme as a prelude to that sustainable goal.  He therefore use the occasion to encourage WAY graduates to properly utilize their skills acquired from the vocational school by engaging in community development projects to improve their livelihood and communities.  The first phase of the loan scheme was set at 1 million Liberian dollars.  Mr. Learwellie said this project is an extension intended to sustain the loan scheme all geared towards making the program sustainable.  He said, obtaining certificates in school is one thing and getting the necessary support to apply the skills is another thing.

For his part, the Magistrate of Zorzor Magisterial court, Hon. Abraham Kanka embraced and laudedIMG_20170515_112156 the work of CFP for the youth in Zorzor and Salayea.  He said this is the way to develop people, working with them from training to empowerment.  Hon. Kanka was quick to point out that, if Liberia is to maintain and sustain the peace, the youth of Liberia have to be empowered to take on leadership responsibility.   He therefore cautioned the youth to make full utilization of every material and resource entrusted to them in making the guest house project successful.  “We will monitor in making sure that resources and materials given to you are used for the intended purpose, Hon Kanka lamented”.  He concluded by thanking CFP and sponsors for their numerous contributions they are making in the region.

The guest house when constructed will provide lodging facilities for travelers and guest coming to Zorzor at a very reasonable cost.  Zorzor is seemed to be a potential area for economic activities. The construction of the guest house will cost $30,000.00 USD and is expected to take 12 to 18 months to completion with support from friends and the United Steel Workers Union in Toronto, Canada.






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