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Ai Nakashio, a graduate student of International Affairs from Columbia University received anIMG_20180731_175607 emotional and warm farewell from staff and friends of Camp for Peace Liberia on Wednesday, July 31, as she departs for New York.  The ceremony which took place sequentially at Camp for Peace Liberia’s Head Office in Paynesville and the Tropicana Beach in Monrovia was attended by CFP staff and an array of friends and well-wishers.

While in Liberia, Ai contributed significant value, including new ideas and energy to the growth and development of Camp for Peace Liberia, as well as concrete outputs of specific projects that she designed and implemented.  The revised CFP brochure, short, medium and long term strategic plan, establishment of crowd Funding were among the many values and resources that she developed during her internship. She also linked CFP Liberia with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and strengthened the relationship between CFP and Columbia University for future collaboration.

In a brief farewell remark, the Executive Director of Camp for Peace Liberia, Mr. B. Abel LearwellieIMG_20180731_180054_1 tearfully expressed sadness at Ai’s departure, stating the staff will miss you “We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us over the past two months and wish you the best,” he said, before presenting Ai with a sample of friendship between Liberia and Japan.  Mr. Learwellie also expressed thanks and appreciation to Ai Nakashio for her dedication to work and commitment to adding values to Camp for Peace as small organization.  He called on Ai to serve as an ambassador in the international cycle and encourage others to join the CFP family in Liberia. “The offices of CFP are open to you at any time” the Executive Director concluded.

Responding, Ai Nakashio was emotionally overwhelmed while expressing gratitude to the IMG_20180731_183052Director, staff and friends of Camp for Peace Liberia for their support accorded her during her internship.  She promised to share the new knowledge and experiences gained while completing her studies at Columbia and seek for support on behalf of CFP whenever the opportunity exist.



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