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On Thursday, August 6, 2020, Camp for Peace Liberia launched a new project named “Digital Inclusion during COVID 19”. With a micro-grant of USD 700 from a UK based non-profit organization, Peace Direct, the project is expected to benefit 30 young people of Zorzor and Salayea Districts in Lofa County. The project is also expected to benefit approximately 250,000 residents of those districts whose primary digital connection is listening to the radio. Learn more about Camp for Peace by following the story at

According to the Executive Director, Mr. B. Abel Learwellie, the project will be implemented in partnership with the LIFE RADIO in Zorzor.
Mr. Learwellie disclosed that 30 digital radios and dozens of batteries have been purchased for the most influentials young men and women of the district who are passionate about peacebuilding, education, and development. He stated that the grant was obtained through a competitive process and should be given through a similar fashion. Questions will be asked in different areas to include peacebuilding and other educational subjects like Math, Grammar, History, Science, etc. Those who give the right answer will be given a radio and a pair of batteries.

He also stated that this project’s main objective is to provide a platform for young people to continue to listen and participate in peace and other educational programs during this period of COVID 19. He said the digital tools will help young people pursue their school work at home and progress educationally. He also said young people will be allowed to call into the program to share their ideas and concerns and learn from each other. Having a radio will help them keep the pace of peacebuilding and educational activities that they are missing out on during this period of COVID 19, said Mr. Learwellie. Therefore, he called on beneficiaries and other residents of the district to connect with each other and continue to denounce violence as a way to redress conflict during this period of COVID 19.

He used the occasion to thank PEACE DIRECT and Lois Kunkel for making the recommendation that validated Camp for Peace Liberia as a credible organization. Learn more about Camp for Peace Liberia by following the story at

No problem. We are partnering with LIFE RADIO for the onward distribution of these radios. Prince and I have long discussed this project. They are giving them out through a competitive process as we got the grant through a similar fashion. But trust me, we will include AYR in the next round.

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